Arts and Cultures

Raman Sandhu

Mr. Nagra

Socaisl 11

October 24, 2017

Arts and Culture

In pairs select three of the video clips from the following site and write a paragraph explaining the cultural significance of the art presented in each. You may need to do additional research on the topic presented.


Video #1: What Makes This Canadian Train So Special?

This video talks about the Canadian passenger train which goes all the way back to the 1930s. This train is a very important part of the Canadian culture and many people come from many different parts of Canada to ride this train. In the 1930s to 1950s, The Canadian was popular and unique streamline design and basically, everyone wanted to ride it. The train made transportation much easier which made it a popular mean of transportation which led to more trade as well. Being able to communicate and trade with other cultures helped the economy thrive. Furthermore, being on a train full of people from different parts of Canada, helped Canadians come together and brought Canada closer together. This led to an advance in Canadian identity. Moreover, since the train is still running today makes it even more special. Therefore, making small replicas of this train is culturally significant for Canadians since it gives them a small keepsake of this popular and important train which reminds them of their country and how it thrived over the years because of this train.


Video #2: Jackie Kennedy Was the Undisputed Style Icon of her Era

Jackie Kennedy always portrayed herself as a perfect young woman with a happy lifestyle despite having a troubled childhood and having problems in her marriage. She did not let that come in the way of her image as the first lady. Once Jackie Kennedy arrived at the white house, she began redecorating it by bringing back paintings and furniture from the past. She wanted the house to contain history in it. This helped bring a sense of nationalism in the White House. She expressed her political passion through this furniture and art. By bringing all these artifacts from the past, she showed her national pride to all the Americans. She wanted to show everyone the American history and its accomplishments using these artifacts and furniture.


Video #3: Where the Nazis Hid $3.5 Billion of Stolen Art

Hitler loved art so, in the 1930s he began collecting art. By the end of the war, he collected 8500 paintings. They were art collects on an industrial scale. So whenever they liked something, they just took it. Hitler even paid for the paintings he wanted, there was no direct proof of him stealing any paintings. They hid their art in a sealed salt mine. This is culturally significant for the Europeans because the art could be used as primary evidence to learn about the cultural history. Salt was very important during the Nazi era. They got the idea to hide their paintings underground from a miner’s chapel deep below the ground. In this chapel, they had art for many years and it was preserved well. Which is why the Nazis decided that the salt mine would be a good place to hide the paintings. The paintings Hitler decided to steal revealed what his taste in art was. Since most of the paintings he stole had a similar theme to them, it revealed that Hitler liked a lighter form of art. Although the German commander did tell his troops to blow up the tunnels after Hitler’s dead, none of the treasures were ruined. The Americans sent in art specialists to collect the treasures from the tunnel and examine them.