Cultural Projects Proposal: Rituals

Expressions of Culture Project

Project Proposal:   Due at the End of Class today /20

Group Members

  • Raman Sandhu
  • Ravneet Sohal
  • Sonia Dhillon

Working Title: (your motto or mission statement /Can be changed for your presentation)

Different rituals shape cultural behavior, actions, and traditions. Significant rituals in one culture may seem completely insignificant and random in another culture. Our mission for this project is to compare two different cultures and show how rituals influence cultural lifestyles and shape them to be completely different from one another.

Type of Presentation you group has decided upon:  The type of presentation is up to your group.  However you will be marked the reason that you provide for your type of presentation.  Meaning you need to explain why the type of presentation you choose fits the topic you are presenting.

Outline how you are going to present your cultural expression below:

  • We are going to present via posters and an online presentation
  • We will have 5 posters
    • One poster will have a huge drawing of a Hindu bride
    • One poster will have a big drawing of a Chinese bride
    • One poster will have information and pictures explaining Hindu cultures and how those rituals shaped their culture and why it is significant for them
    • One poster will have pictures and information explaining Chinese cultures and their importance/influence on the culture
    • The poster in the middle will have one big (NEEDS TO BE CATCHY) slogan on it (one sentence) stating the influence/importance of rituals on culture.
    • We will have a powerpoint, which will only have pictures (the same pictures which are going to be on our poster) to compare the two cultures
    • There will two of us speaking from different perspectives
      • One of us will be speaking from the perspective of a Hindu person
      • One of us will be speaking from the perspective of a Chinese person
      • The third person will highlight the differences between the two cultural rituals
  • Perform this ritual, but alter it a bit to make it shorter and class appropriate

Possible resources and research you are undertaking.

Wedding Rituals

Death Rituals

The Birth Ritual

Outline what each member of your group is going to be INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR in your project:

Name Responsibilities

  • All Chinese Ritual Paragraphs + poster
  • Color Chinese person
  • All hindu ritual paragraphs + poster
    • Find a video if you can
  • Draw both pictures and color hindu person
  • The powerpoint
  • Think of slogan + Draw and color slogan poster

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