Cultures that lead to WW2 – Raman and Ravneet


Cultural Projects Proposal: Rituals

Expressions of Culture Project

Project Proposal:   Due at the End of Class today /20

Group Members

  • Raman Sandhu
  • Ravneet Sohal
  • Sonia Dhillon

Working Title: (your motto or mission statement /Can be changed for your presentation)

Different rituals shape cultural behavior, actions, and traditions. Significant rituals in one culture may seem completely insignificant and random in another culture. Our mission for this project is to compare two different cultures and show how rituals influence cultural lifestyles and shape them to be completely different from one another.

Type of Presentation you group has decided upon:  The type of presentation is up to your group.  However you will be marked the reason that you provide for your type of presentation.  Meaning you need to explain why the type of presentation you choose fits the topic you are presenting.

Outline how you are going to present your cultural expression below:

  • We are going to present via posters and an online presentation
  • We will have 5 posters
    • One poster will have a huge drawing of a Hindu bride
    • One poster will have a big drawing of a Chinese bride
    • One poster will have information and pictures explaining Hindu cultures and how those rituals shaped their culture and why it is significant for them
    • One poster will have pictures and information explaining Chinese cultures and their importance/influence on the culture
    • The poster in the middle will have one big (NEEDS TO BE CATCHY) slogan on it (one sentence) stating the influence/importance of rituals on culture.
    • We will have a powerpoint, which will only have pictures (the same pictures which are going to be on our poster) to compare the two cultures
    • There will two of us speaking from different perspectives
      • One of us will be speaking from the perspective of a Hindu person
      • One of us will be speaking from the perspective of a Chinese person
      • The third person will highlight the differences between the two cultural rituals
  • Perform this ritual, but alter it a bit to make it shorter and class appropriate

Possible resources and research you are undertaking.

Wedding Rituals

Death Rituals

The Birth Ritual

Outline what each member of your group is going to be INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR in your project:

Name Responsibilities

  • All Chinese Ritual Paragraphs + poster
  • Color Chinese person
  • All hindu ritual paragraphs + poster
    • Find a video if you can
  • Draw both pictures and color hindu person
  • The powerpoint
  • Think of slogan + Draw and color slogan poster

Cultures Project : Rituals

Group Members: Raman, Ravneet, and Sonia

We presented 4 posters in class and the slideshow.

I have attached the link for the document with our information and our slideshow; the posters were left with you in class:



Three main points we used during our Debate

MILITIAS – Rav, Raman, Harleen, Harry, Harmanjot

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

  • They will essentially become the new drugs — even though they will be illegal, people will sell them illegally and make more money off of them
  • Armed populations have power to some degree while unarmed populations are defenseless.
  • Pro guns to protect against government

Banksy Does New York Review

Banksy, a renowned street artist began his journey in New York City in October 2013 when he took over the city streets and displayed a new unique piece of art every day for a month. It became a scavenger hunt and soon people were running down the streets looking for the new piece before it was destroyed. I really liked this about the documentary because it was not just about journalists trying to capture the painting, it was normal, average human beings. It did a really good job recording the chaos because it showed different people struggling to get to the painting before it was ruined and them sharing their opinions. This documentary not only showed the people that liked the Banksy art, it also showed people that disapproved of it such as the other street artists that would tag them to send Banksy a message that this is their city and he should leave. Some also tagged his art so that when people would visit his pieces, people would see theirs as well. But there were some people that would come back and try to fix the ruined piece so the public could enjoy it. This documentary did a very good job capturing the different views about the Banksy art. Furthermore, some people even began taking his street art and selling it to the public. However, I believe this was inappropriate because Banksy made that art for the public to shine light on events that were taking place in the community that no one discussed. They were not made for people to sell just to make some extra money. Moreover, Banksy also made his pieces in destitute areas of New York to show the privileged the struggles that people face in their community. Through his art, he expressed his view about political and social concerns that were often overlooked. For example, that truck with the puppet animal heads sticking out from the openings was used to bring awareness to factory farming and to show people that he was against consuming meat. Ultimately, “Banksy Does New York” documentary was a great way to portray the Banksy art and people’s views about it.

Importance of Culture

Raman Sandhu

Mr. Nagra

Social Studies 11

September 19, 2017

Importance of Culture Research Essay

Write a cohesive 4 paragraph research essay that outlines what you think are the most important reasons to study culture. Why is it necessary that we have culture and what is the value in studying it? Research facts to support your argument.

What is culture? Why is culture so important? What makes it so valuable? Culture is a system of beliefs, customs, and arts a particular group of people holds. Without culture, society cannot run smoothly. Culture influences a person’s identity- their beliefs, loyalties, and hopes. In fact, cultures teach people to think about their community over themselves. Using knowledge from previous generations, cultures allow people with contrasting values and beliefs to work together and improve on past mistakes. All in all, cultures play a key role in self-identity.


Culture has a strong influence on one’s daily life, it impacts their appearance, beliefs, and upbringing. For instance, your clothing style depends on the culture you believe in. People often follow fashion trends that are deemed appropriate by their culture. Therefore, fashion designers and manufacturers focus on producing clothing that is culturally accepted by the population in the area. Cultures, in a sense, provide people with guidelines, which dictate what is right and wrong as well as provide norms to be followed. For instance, it is normal for an American to have a beef burger but Hinduism is strictly against it. Such differences are governed by one’s culture and beliefs. Similarly, in terms of clothing, each culture has their unique style of dressing. For example, Islamic women wear burqas. Essentially, clothing defines which culture people are from and provide them with a sense of belonging. Cultures allow people to feel wanted and present a sense of security and self-respect for the individual. When part of a culture, the individual is part of a big family, there is always someone they can identify with. There is little judgement based on their beliefs or loyalties since everyone has similar belief systems and norms. Moreover, culture influences a child’s upbringing as well as who they become in the future. Children often mimic their parents or other members in their family. So, if eating meat is against the culture and the parents are vegetarian, it is very likely the child will also be vegetarian. Culture also influences a child’s behaviour in public. Often it is found that quiet and antisocial parents have children who also keep to themselves and are rather quiet.Therefore, culture influences how a person thinks, speaks, dresses and acts around other people.


Furthermore, cultures teach people to put the community before themselves. There are many diverse cultures and in a multicultural country like Canada, people from different cultures are bound to meet. Having some knowledge about different cultures helps one to understand people from different backgrounds. For instance, one way that cultures can be brought together, is through festivals. Festivals can be used as a teaching opportunity, which allows one to communicate and understand people from other ethnicities. They allow people from different backgrounds to celebrate together creating bonds between each other while boosting understanding between the two.  Although we can not pretend that cultural differences do not matter, however, understanding these differences and passing no judgements, can make a big difference. Understanding cultures prevent one from being arrogant and rude. For example, in life, people meet many different types of human beings and being able to understand their culture helps us control ourselves from falling prey of common stereotypes. Therefore, being aware of opposing views for a culture helps straighten one’s perspective. Moreover, by meeting and understanding people from different cultures, makes working together easier. For instance, having an understanding for one’s weakness and strengths allows for smoother problem-solving. It builds social capital and holds the community together like glue. This creates unity between people and brings them closer together. Ultimately, learning about different cultures allows one to become more understanding and open-minded.


Culture is an important aspect that shapes our lives. Culture determines how a person will act in public, how they dress, and what they believe in. It brings communities closer together and gives them a sense of belonging and unity. Overall, culture is very important and the extinction of culture would be catastrophic for mankind.